Apparently I can blog more than once a year. Who knew?

At work we took over a project that was using GatsbyJS on the frontend and WordPress on the backend. It was interesting enough to me that I took a bunch of time to rework my personal site on the same stack. So yeah, here it is.

All the code for this site is on my GitHub, so if you’re more experienced with Gatsby than me I’d be pretty interested in hearing about anything I could do better. Or you can just point and laugh, but honestly you’d get more bang for your buck later because I promise I’ll write another blog post about the whole process. Your call, though.

snow-covered tree
Fun fact: in Colorado this picture could have been taken at pretty much any time of year

In what may or may not have been a big surprise, this year still sucks. In times like these I try to be like this tree from my front yard: standing strong in the face of adversity yet shaping up to be an annoying, expensive, and time-consuming problem when it finally does break.